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Welcome to a solicitor

We are a qualified and experienced group of solicitors in your local area. Our aim is to take the pressure off finding a solicitor, providing you with the best legal advice and guidance from a solicitor in the area specialising in all aspects of the law.

A solicitor will offer you a consultation either face to face or over the phone whatever you feel more comfortable with so that we can assess your legal issue, then take the necessary steps to resolve it. Finding a solicitor could not be easier, either contact us or fill in the form on the right provided to speak to a solicitor in your town.

Services from a solicitor

Finding a solicitor is made easy here at a solicitor. Whether you need a solicitor in business or for yourself, we have a group of solicitors in areas near you that are available to help you with any legal issues you may have. As qualified solicitors we combine expert knowledge with high quality customer service because we understand when you speak to a solicitor communication is vital working together to protect you for the future or resolve any current situation.

Areas of the law a solicitor assist you with:

• Family Law: for example divorce, adoption and visitation rights.
• Wills, Trusts and Probate if you would like to write a will or need help dealing with the estate of someone who has died.
• Personal Injury Law for if you have been injured and it was not your fault and you would like to seek compensation
• Criminal Law covers a wide range of crime and also advice for victims.
• Property Law includes buying or selling property as well as land disputes
• Employment Law if you are having issues at work
• Human rights Law if you feel that you have been victim of discrimination, public injustice, equality or any human right.
• Immigration Law if for example you are looking to become a citizen

A solicitor offering legal advice for your business:

Running a business requires a high level of legal responsibility when it comes to operation. A solicitor can help you to protect your business from the threat of litigation from contracts to protecting your assets. We can provide:

• Employment law when you need a solicitor for all employee work related issues including the rights and obligations of both employers and employees.
• Commercial Law covers the spectrum of commercial disputes such as dealing with contracts
• Commercial property law includes buying, selling and using commercial property
• Intellectual Property rights protect ideas and inventions, which are considered to be intangible assets through gaining copyright, trademarks and patents.
• Environmental Law affects every business and every company must be aware of their responsibilities.
• Corporate Law involving company acquisitions or mergers and covers shareholders, directors and company rights.
• Tax Law covers the changes in tax legislation, as it is every company’s responsibility to keep up to date and compliant with tax laws

In specific Industry sectors when a solicitor can advise your business as it may be governed by specific legal area for example;

• Construction Law
• Aviation Law
• Shipping Law
• Sports and Media Law
• Travel Law
• Banking and Finance Law

Contact a solicitor today and find the best legal guidance whilst receiving the service and support that you need and expect from professional solicitors. We understand that needing legal advice can come at the most stressful times in your life. Our commitment is to understand our clients and build a good relationship so that a solicitor fully understands your situation to ease the pressure from you at any time making it easy finding a solicitor you can rely on and trust.

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